Welcumen, Godne Daeg

This is the website of the Hermetic Order of the Silver Luna Mist and our primary temple is that of Horus and Bast, situated in Bradford, West Yorkshire.

As the moon reflects the sun, so the twin personalities of day and night shine out farthest from the nearby hills. All is quiet in the night time, but no city is ever truly sleeping. Many people are still working, doing the night shift. The cats walk in the night and at daybreak the birds arise, making their call, life existing in exquisite synchronicity.

The urban explorer takes his photos of the decayed past, made effervescent by the ever upgraded camera lens and above all, the urban explorer's own will, a will to bring any minute slivers of the past in to the present and preserved for the future.

As we utter a sentence our words become history the moment the vocal cord is struck. If time is a spiral and the light we see from stars is really thousands of years old, then we are coexisting with a living past, here in our present and as we gaze into the night sky.

If a ghost is really an imprint somewhere in a multiverse within the eternal inflation of any parallel universe, then it is nothing more than the entrapment of time, to our own human senses. Are we humans nothing more than bruises in the cosmic micro background of expanding space, along with planet Earth?

One could of course consider that which remains unexplained in itself but from which many solutions are found, that defined as magic by the ancients, but more a matter of applied occult physics. Are other entities merely sharing our air space and our planet? It would appear that they may be and it could well be from them that magic as we know it exists.

Our Homepage

Introducing Temple No. 1 of Horus and Bast, in association with the Golden Dawn in Bradford.

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Astral Path

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Rabbits' Codex

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