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Welcome to the web site of the Followers of the Astral Path. The main purpose of this site is to offer esoteric guidance and spiritual development with each page representing a component of an astral journey.

You become a student setting out on a path towards personal insight and your own salvation. You will follow the teachings of various spiritual beings, completing many spiritual exercises found throughout the web site. The journey will enable you to develop the practices of self hypnosis and self counselling.

At the end of your journey, you should be able to free yourself from the chains of predicament and convention. Only then can you find the real moment of truth in your core self.

Individual pages can be accessed via the navigation bar at the top of page. However to fully benefit from using this site, you are strongly recommended to follow the pages in sequence. As your journey unfolds, you will be guided through the pages, following the link beneath the content of each entry.

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Our Homepage

Introducing Temple No. 1 of Horus and Bast, in association with the Golden Dawn in Bradford.

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Kirk of Ufology

Exploring a primary religion in which the Universe of Space exlpains the transitional existence of all life.

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Astral Path

Find esoteric guidance and spiritual development as you begin your journey along the astral path.

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Rabbits' Codex

Harnessing the power of rabbits, their codex is revealed for those attuned to their wisdom.

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