Bird of Paradise flower


You are standing in a clearing in the Mayan Jungle. The people bustle around. Everywhere there are the colours red, green, yellow and blue. There is sand on the ground and lots of white pebbles. You can see a great step pyramid rising out of the clearing.

The people are curious about you. They take you along with them. You may attempt to ask the answer to your question now but they will shake their heads and they will not know. Come, they beckon. You are given a cup of golden liquid which you drink. You feel sleepy, so sleepy. The Sun is going down. The goblet falls from your hand, you sleep for a while.

You awake during the night. The air has a rich perfume. In front of you stands a man dressed in Quetzal feathers, it is Quetzalcoatl also known as Kukulkan. You bow to Quetzalcoatl but you still need your answer. 'You have a question for me', says Quetzalcoatl 'but you have been in the company of Centzon Totochtin. 'You have been drinking! You have not as yet reached the time for your answer but I hope you have learned along the way. Go and speak to the rabbit scribe in the Moon!' You are whisked back in to space...

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