A maze generated by Maze Maker, located at http://hereandabove.com/maze/


The maze is the start and the end of your problem. Here is the centre of the maelstrom that is creation. Take your question to the centre of the maze. Concentrate on your question and the central point of the maze together until they become one.

If you feel bewildered or frustrated then you have not really drawn out your question and put it to the maze. What colours do you see in your mind's eye as you put forward your thoughts?

If you are doing the exercise properly then you should experience a myriad of colours and fleeting thoughts, then an experience of flying as you go right through and beyond the maze centre in to time and infinity.

In joining with the maze you have shifted your time and conscious experience in to a more malleable form, in to 'psychic clay'. Out of this time line you will shape your infinite answer. Concentrate on the maze. What does it look like, how would you choose to walk through it? Quickly, slowly or purposefully and where is the answer to your original question?

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