The Moon with darker areas forming the shape of a rabbit. Image courtesy of


The Moon lies before you. See yourself standing on the Moon. You can do this in your astral form. See the craters and mountains. You stand before the Rabbit Scribe, patient.

You ask him, 'Rabbit, do you have the answer to my original question?' The rabbit ignores you at first, he looks bored. 'You passed through the Maze, visited the Palace of the Swan, entered inner space, stood before planet Venus, enjoyed the hospitality of Ometatchli, received the wisdom of Quetzalcoatl and now you have come to see me so that I can answer your questions in writing. 'Go back to the maze and find your own way out from the personal magnetism within you'. Suddenly, the vision spins.

You are back in the maze. You see a snake, a symbol representing the plumed serpent that was Quetzalcoatl. The serpent is a symbol of wisdom, knowledge and sagacity. Look deep inside yourself. You see a pin-point of light. Switch this light on, allow your mind illumination. Shed this light on your current existence and change what your intuition tells you is no longer needed as the snake sheds its skin, rejuvenate and re-invent your personal new day. That is your answer.

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