A swan on water at sunset, courtesy of http://freefoto.com/


You have now come through the maze to the second part of your unusual journey, your personal enlightenment. You are ready to meet the Swan Goddess.

In your mind, see yourself in a fantastic golden palace, full of beautiful scented warm pools of pink and emerald hue water. Rose petals float on the surface. There is the tinkling of the water as it cascades from indoor fountains and waterfalls over pink conch shells and smooth purple pebbles. The air is warm and scented with a light flowery perfume which emanates from the exotic flowering plants around the pools. The floor of the golden palace is tiled in pink marble. The ceiling of the palace is held up by large pink pillars which lead on to an open courtyard paved in gold. Huge green leaves shade the entrance to a cave beyond the courtyard.

Suddenly, there is a giant swan in front of you. The swan watches you with some interest. Now you must put your question to the swan. Wait for the reply. The swan tells you to leave via the cave. You thank the swan and proceed in to the cave, still on the track of your answer...

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