Surface of Venus from Venera 13 lander, courtesy of


You have entered the cave and are now in space. In front of you is the planet Venus. To the Mayans, planet Venus was the main planet and decided upon which wars they would fight.

As you hover in space, place your battle plan to tackle your life and your question in front of planet Venus. How do you feel about yourself now? Has your question changed at all since you passed first through the maze and then through the palace of the Swan?

See yourself floating in space like an astronaut. It is freezing cold and dark. The planet's size is apparent, just like an insurmountable problem. Venus suggest tackling the question in parts.

Suddenly, a meteor shower passes you by and you realise that there is more than one possible outcome as the ancient planets turn slowly. You begin to feel dizzy, you are tired but you must observe all that you see in the galaxy, take in every little detail, even down to planetary dust. It is so big and so vast that it is mind blowing. But you are falling, falling...

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