The Book of Space

We talk of astronomy, the study of Space and the planets and stars, some people have wide reaching interests in astrology and chart their birth charts by using the planets in our known Solar System. For the esoteric there is an eclectic mix of astral paths and planes. The 'heaven' of a number of religions is up in the sky and there are revered astral beings a plenty. In fact, a lot of religion apparently takes place in the sky, from flying angels to Sun and Moon deities. Even though we may exist on Earth, 'our' planet, the thoughts of many are up in the clouds. Indeed, planet Earth relies on the Sun and its counter lighting of the Moon for its existence as we know it. So everything we owe our known existence as human beings to is in Space. Up in the air.

The alien has landed, emanating from the shadows beneath the rays of a solar light

Are Spacemen Gods?

This debate has raged for many a year. Did Spacemen help build the Pyramids and are they really communication points for the ancients to communicate with Space Gods? Could Spacemen really be what humans can evolve to? Much paranormal activity apparently happens in the air, the ether and is this paranormal activity really happening up in Space? Do our higher selves really turn in the balls of light when leaving their Earthly vehicles and do we return to our real home, in Space?

Desires and Wishes

Could it be that by communicating with our higher selves, our Space selves, that we can influence happenings here on Earth? But do we really exist in the true reality in Space? What determines our destiny and to what extent, and from where does it gain its influence? Have some beings that we would call alien already evolved to a higher level and are they the true masters?


I ask these as questions, because they are for each individual to answer alone. I guarantee it will take you way out of your comfort zone, because the whole concept is extremely uncomfortable, but for many religions making constant referrals to the sky alone. In one way or another this could easily make it fact. Many religions are sky based infinite powers up in the heavens. Where did this idea come from originally and could it be based upon a perception that in witnessing Spacemen, such figures should be worshipped as gods? I pose these as questions because it is up to the individual to recognise their own personal calling.

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