Individual Insight

A person has many facets of themselves, like the craters of the moon. One personality with many off shoot personalities like a tree. Not alter egos or other selves, but different aspects of the one self.

The term 'after life' is not quite correct. Alter life, or 'other life' are better ways to describe our other existences. However these existences appear to be in Space yet are still accessible from planet Earth.

The alien assumes his power, a golden hue illuminating the darkness

Earth is in fact part of Space too. As a planet in Space this is just common sense. As is the fact that gravity in black holes is hiding the fact that there is probably something in those black holes really, even if we can't see it in our human state.

Most of the time in human state people are not too bothered about what is going on in other existences or elsewhere. They have much to keep themselves busy with the mundane and physical life they are already leading. Occasionally, they may have brief glimpses of other realms but these are quickly cast aside or wallpapered over by daily existence in the physical realm.

What if Earth itself was co-habited by many other beings, that at times could be either seen or captured on film. So called 'aliens' could in reality already exist in other time spheres on Earth.

Space is already here, on planet Earth and merely joins up with greater Space. Aliens exist on our planet already and maybe the part of humans that is our so called soul, is in fact a moving alien light ball.

Man has tried time and again to explain his existence in life and how life works; Where did we come from? Why are we here? Where are we going? Often man may have tuned in en mass and produced much phenomena as a result but in reality he was using his Space-self as a comforter to find a kind of truth that made him feel comfortable with his own Earthly life and existence on the planet, whoever or whatever could provide that comfort was mass produced and revered.

We have always been a part of Space. We are as much Spacemen as any creature depicted flying in a silver tube. Not only humans but every living thing on planet Earth is a part of Space.

Ghosts could be Spacemen part of out other selves. The paranormal is actually quite normal and is also a part of Space. When the physical dies it goes back to Space, hence all the talk of the 'Astral Plane', 'Heaven' and having wings to fly through the sky that is Space.

Our obsession with the sky and Space and our planet's dependence on the Sun shows how much we depend on Space, our real alter ego.

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