Space Consciousness

We are very conscious of Space as a physical place. The media report on alleged alien craft sightings with gusto as a good round up or stocking filler for the anchorman to have a giggle at as the show ends. The weekend paper prints the newsy filler-in. On a more serious note, experts discuss the sky at night sometimes with educated scientific optimism and at sometimes with fabled endurance. For the dedicated there is even an Angelic Alphabet written in the 16th century.

What is Space Noise?

A sound that breaks the silence of your mind, your mind being in Space and sending signals to your brain. Conversely, the sound of silence is not necessarily the sound of Space. However, even the tiniest movement has a resonance at some point with a significant other and may produce either jagged or flat Space noise.

When the physical body dies and can no longer receive these signals then your mind becomes a satellite and floats away in a round energy ball as an embryo of your former self that will then evolve with time and the Universe as an astral cell structure that may one day again have a form of physical vehicle.

The alien catches the rays of another light source, revealing a figure walking amongst others

Desires and Wishes

Could it be that by communicating with our higher selves, our Space selves, that we can influence happenings here on Earth? But do we really exist in the true reality in Space? Have some beings that we would call alien already evolved to a higher level and are they the true masters?

Undesirable Objects

As there are many undesirable grabbing spirit satellites around it is better to stick with the things you feel you can trust if not know, working on embryonic instinct from a time when you were indeed a part of Space.


Space is in your head, your home and your life. Every time you go outside the only thing that stops you floating off in to Space is the gravitational pull of Earth. It is only this gravity that keeps your house and you stuck to the ground. But your mind floats out above the gravity.

Meeting of Minds

Your mind meets many other minds, thoughts, feelings and forces from Space (psychologists would call them your alter egos) as you go about the daily grind. Ideas may come in to your head, are they from your over taxed brain or are they messages from your higher mind or Space-self? And, as your Space mind meets with the Space mind(s) of others you will find that many things you felt were off limits to your consciousness before, now make sense. You will find that coincidences of synchronicity begin to take place within your social circle and daily life.

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